New T-Mobile promotion reduces down payment of all devices to $0

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New T Mobile promotion reduces down payment of all devices to $0

Does the recent announcement of T-Mobile’s JUMP! program have you thinking about just upgrading your own phone? If so, the big magenta carrier has you covered. T-Mobile today announced a new promotion that will drop the down payment of its entire device lineup to $0. High-end smartphones like the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S 4 are included in the offer, as are tablets, mobile hotspots and feature phones. T-Mobile’s new zero down promotion will be kicking off tomorrow, July 27, and will run for a limited time.

As I mentioned before, customers that take advantage of T-Mobile’s promo can get a new piece of mobile hardware with a down payment of $0. They’ll still be responsible for making monthly payments on it, though, and our pals at TmoNews note that T-Mobile has actually increased the monthly payment price for some hardware to offset the reduced down payment. For example, the Galaxy S 4 is currently available for $149.99 down and 24 monthly payments of $20 each, but in this promo the S 4’s monthly payments are $25 each.

This latest T-Mobile deal may seem a little less amazing once you realize that you’re making higher monthly payments in exchange for not having to deal with a down payment, but customers can still end up saving some cash in the end. Plus, being able to walk out of a T-Mobile store without paying anything down for a device could make it easier for some folks to get that new phone or tablet that they’ve been eying. Some examples of the monthly payments that customers can expect to make under this promo can be found below.

New T Mobile promotion reduces down payment of all devices to $0

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    January 19, 2014 at 7:39 am

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